About Marie

Born in Corsica and growing up in Marseille and Nice (France), Marie-Françoise is a citizen of the world. She obtained her MBA at San Francisco University and worked for many years in corporate America before transferring to Montreal (Quebec, Canada) to head up a new division.

In 2003, Marie-Françoise realized that she sought more from life. She saw the pain people experienced as they tried to free themselves financially to escape from the drudgery of the rat race. Marie decided then to leave the corporate world and to change her own life in a way that contributed to the people around her and made a difference in their lives.

Marie became a Feng Shui Practitioner and began to teach entrepreneurs and companies how to design their living and working environments to create balance, health and abundance in their lives.

In 2005, fate smiled upon Marie and she founded her own international real estate acquisitions company. She experienced fast success and an admirable reputation followed. As her company flourished, she received numerous requests to educate and mentor both new and experienced property investors through the process of investing in Canada and offshore.

And so a new love for financial life coaching was born. While Marie’s experience developed the acumen and wisdom to shape her coaching methodology, it’s come as no surprise that she is a natural born life coach. She has helped dozens of individuals break through the internal barriers keeping them from embracing themselves, and the success that awaits those who understand the need to become financially free.

Mission Statement

Marie-Françoise’s mission is to challenge Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to think outside the box. She asks of them to seek something larger than themselves: to follow a path of greater purpose and contribution to mankind. It is through the discovery of their passion and self-love that she guides them and gives them the will to find true financial success.

Marie's Motto

Creating a better life comes from making greater choices that empower us to move towards what we want to live.

Marie's Credentials

Marie-Françoise is dedicated to a lifetime of learning to nurture her coaching and life skills.

  • 2014Mentor and life coach

    Peak Potentials, Canada - USA.
  • 2014Harmony Integration Life Coach Intensive Training

    Harmony Integration Academy - Surrey, BC, Canada.
  • 2012 - 2014Quantum Leap Graduate

    Peak Potentials, Canada - USA.
  • 2013Neuro Linguistic Programming Intensive Training

    Niurka - California, USA.
  • 2010Space Alignment Training

    Denise Linn - California, USA.
  • 2009Soul Coaching Intensive

    Denise Linn - California, USA.
  • 2008Feng Shui Practitioner Certification

    Peter Leung - Toronto, Canada.
  • 1995Masters in Business Administration

    San Francisco State University, USA.

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