The Power of Questions: How to exponentially expand your business and your life

So often, small business owners and entrepreneurs feel resource-limited. Cash flow struggles, generating new clients, attracting and keeping key employees, creating additional streams of revenue with new products … the list goes on.

The amazing Anthony Robbins says the key to empowering yourself or your business is to ask better quality questions. Questions are the answers here, and I mean that quite literally!

Questions keep us in our power.

They keep us looking at the infinite possibilities that surround us, to correct our businesses and our lives. Questions such as, “What can I create today? What else is possible here? What can I do differently to expand my business right away?” are golden.

In my coaching practice, people frequently ask me for the source of my success. They’re looking for a philosophy, a formula, a roadmap. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the words, Marie-Françoise, Im so stuck, I dont know what to do!

There is a simple answer: choose to live your business and your life with questions, because by doing so, you can never be victimized by circumstances. Instead, you permit yourself to perceive and receive everything. This is huge.

Questions open doors.

They help us see the distinctions in our environment that can change anything and everything.

So how do you find the right answers? By not looking for them!

The most important thing to do when asking questions is to *not* answer them from your logical mind, which is only capable of offering solutions you already know. Instead of blinding yourself, remain open to unknown possibilities. There is a mass of consciousness all around us with new ideas, thoughts and opportunities. Open yourself to it and stay there.

Let’s say you have a brilliant business idea that’s proven successful by entrepreneurs in Toronto or New York. And let’s say that for some reason, when you try it out yourself in Montreal, it tanks.

What do you do? Pack your bags and move out of town? No.

Ask a better question.

Instead of looking at how those entrepreneurs approached the problem in their locations, open your mind. You could ask, “What do I need to be aware of here in Montreal? What else is possible here? How can I attract the Montrealais buyer? What makes Montreal special? What can I be or do differently here today?”

These kinds of questions keep you in your power and allow you to have more choices in your business as well as your life.

Be grateful for the lesson.

So when the next setback rears its head, remember that the solution is to ask better quality questions. Instead of having a pity party with a few friends and a few beers, take a minute and be grateful that you have been given the chance to perceive the situation for what it is. Revel in the contrast you’re being shown … this is the exact moment in which you know what you really want. Then open yourself up to ask that better question.

How about:

How does it get better than this?

What else is possible? What else can I create here?

Whats right about this situation that Im not seeing?

Whats actually possible for me here that Im not aware of?

Whether your answers are nightmares or incredible dreams, there is no judgement. You are creating space for continuous improvement. It does not matter if your business is selling custom flooring, investing in real estate or engineering. This simple psychological law applies to all of us, in all areas of our life. It’s just up to you to ask the questions!

— Marie-Françoise Dayan

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