The Harmony Integration Method

The Harmony Integration Method

Harmony Integration is a collection of new techniques based on a blend of ancient principles that promises freedom from struggle. These principles are derived from the essence of martial arts, Shiatsu massage, hypnosis, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), as well as the Spiritual Technology work of Zivorad Slavinski.

Harmony Integration works remarkably fast and is long lasting; it gets to the heart and soul of your problems and effectively removes the effects of trauma.

This method is only for those who are seriously ready to leave their past habits behind.

The benefits of the Harmony Integration method include:

  • Transforming longstanding issues, problems, and challenges from struggle into something that’s peaceful.
  • Experiencing who you really are as who you are NOT dissolves away.
  • Releasing the blocked energy of struggle and allowing the flow of the energy of freedom.
  • Integrating the qualities and characteristics of people you admire into the very essence of your being.

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